Doi Chang Tea

Why should it be Doi Chang Tea?

Qualities of oolong tea are commonly known as follows:

–  is refreshing

–  helps prevent  colon and skin cancer

–  helps digestion

–  reduces  sugar in the bloodsream

–  reduces cholesterol

–  helps prevent haemorrhaging  in  the brain

–  helps prevent blood clogging in vessels leading to the heart

The Doi Chang Tea Company is self sufficient in that it has its own tea plantation in which the tea plans are grown and nurtured with chemical-free fertilizer  and pest chaser. 

Tea leaves are plucked by hand  and processed and packed in its own factory. 

Sale distribution is also carried out  from the factory  to various outlets. 

Due to the absence of poisonous chemical substance, the Doi Chang tea drink is unique in taste as it lingers in the mouth even long after consumption.