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Our tea plants are organically grown by the real natural methods and are given extreme exquisite care by the real nature lovers, using natural fertilizers free of any chemical substances. The six natural pest control methods as well as the five natural weed control methods are our in-house inventions during the past 18 years. Our T4Hi tea is 100% pure organic product which can be considered to be an important basis of health improvement. It is tasty, has a pleasant fragrance and is a refreshing and a thirstquenching beverage.

Moreover, our T4Hi tea contains high antioxidant values i.e. 3 times higher than others.

Lastly, we have conducted our experiments by blending local herbs with dry tea leaves through invisible blending process to assist our tea drinkers to stay away from the three types of illnesses by selecting some herbs that contain medicinal properties in reducing high sugar level in the bloodstream as well as lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the human body. The preliminary results of our clinical tests revealed that our experiments look very promising.

Followings are the two categories and characters of our tea (six types in total):

  • High Quality Tea

Superior Suitable for senior tea drinkers (intense spring bouquet & highly

Premium Suitable for junior tea drinkers (balanced honey taste with a note of
peach skin)

Pure Green Contain a low amount of caffeine, suitable for elderly or youth, or
drinking before bedtime (fresh walk in the green forests)

Red Oolong Suitable for drinking with Chinese meals or greasy foods
(maturingly red!)


  • Tea for Health Improvement

Eternity Assist in lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol
Peaceful Rest Assist in reducing high sugar level in the bloodstream