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Tea Pot Museum

TEA POTMuseum TEA POT Museum Visit Other Places in CDC Cultural Exhibitions TEA LEAF Sculpture Tea Pot Museum Flowers Festival OUR TEA Shop Natural Beauty

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Cultural Exhibitions

Cultural Exhibitions CULTURAL EXHIBITIONSApart from the natural beauty that visitors can enjoy from our natural tea garden, there are many Lanna arts and culture that visitors can also experience from…

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Natural Beauty

Blending with Natural Beauty MEDITATIONPavilion with Natural Sound of Stream MOUNTAIN VIEW from morning Tea Tasting Corner AFTERNOON Tea Tasting Pavilion SEATING of mini THEATRE GENERAL VIEW of our garden…

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Flowers Festival

FLOWERS FESTIVALAs the weather of the northernregion of Thailand is generallycool for several months, manylocal and winter flowers alwaysbloom almost year-round. Visit Other Places in CDC PP Plantation Tea Pot…

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Our tea shopHidden behind bamboo gate Visit Other Places in CDC OUR TEA Shop TEA LEAF Sculpture Cultural Exhibitions Tea Pot Museum PP Plantation Flowers Festival

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